Obviously | Core Collection | Boxer Brief 9" Leg in Graphite

Obviously | Core Collection | Boxer Brief 9" Leg in Graphite


Our AnatoFREE Boxer Brief 9 inch Leg - Core Collection provides you with your core colours for everyday style

The AnatoFREE Range is specifically engineered for those guys who are not afraid to go naked and experience the freedom that an anatomical pouch provides. The AnatoFREE pouch technology is slightly shallower than the AnatoMAX design while still allowing your package hang as nature intendedoffering superior comfort and fit.

Our Boxer Brief 9 Inch Leg is a contemporary, functional wear designed for an active multi-dimensional lifestyle. It is great for any kind of physical activity or guys with larger and more muscular bodies and successfully eliminates legs riding up, sweat, chafing, and that uncomfortable feeling between the legs. Even if you prefer more relaxing lifestyle, you will find this garment to be in complete tune with your needs.

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Proudly designed in Australia

The AnatoFREE style features a shallower anatomical pouch which allows for a natural downwards positioning of your genitals, just like being naked. This natural position eliminates:

  • need for readjusting
  • reduces heat build-up in testicles, which has been linked to fertility issues
  • squashed feeling

The anatomical front has been shaped to work with the softness and flexibility of the fabric to provide the most comfortable wearing experience possible.

The AnatoFREE anatomical pouch is shallower and slightly more supportive than the AnatoMAX anatomical pouch.

Longer legs:

  • 9 inches (22cm), from your crotch to the end of the inside of the leg
  • Prevents chaffing and rubbing on inside of the leg - ideal for running, hiking or under board shorts at the beach
  • Longer length prevents riding up

Deeper seat:

  • Waistband doesnt sag down at the back
  • Doesnt reveal what’s not supposed to be seen

Body Shape:

  • We recommend this product for guys with larger or more muscular legs
  • Cut with more room in the buttocks
  • Larger leg openings for a more comfortable fit on the leg


Please Note: If you have previously worn Obviously Modal Full Cut Boxer Briefs, you will find the AnatoFREE Boxer Briefs 9 inch Leg a slightly larger, more spacious fit, throughout the rear of the garment and the leg openings. If you previously found our Modal Full Cut Boxer Briefs a little on the large side within your size, we suggest that you move down to a smaller size to ensure a better fit and maximum comfort. The waistbands are super stretchy so the next size will still fit well.


Dont want to go AnatoFREE, looking for more support and a more classic look please check out our Comfort Boxer Brief 9 inch leg.


he supple fabric used for the EveryMan - Core Range is a unique blend of Bamboo Rayon and Lycra providing benefits of:

  • Eco-friendly
  • Antibacterial
  • Anti-fungal
  • Hypoallergenic

Maintains the right amount of support and comfort while still remaining extremely soft and light on your skin.

Our custom-made 4 way stretch fabric means the garment can accommodate any movement and will flex with your body regardless of the activity. High quality fabrics coupled with intelligent design mean that the usual discomforts of itching, scratching, sweating and general irritation are a thing of the past.

Never have to worry about:

  • Shrinking
  • Fading
  • Losing shape
  • Colours wont run or bleed

Our 40mm wide, soft backed waistband elastic won't stretch or sag over time, or leave nasty marks on your skin.

The care label is printed onto the inside of the waistband to eliminate any annoying itching or scratching and is designed to last the life of the garment.


Care Instructions: Cold Gentle Machine Wash @ 30degC or less, No Bleach, Low Tumble Dry, Cool Iron, No Dry Cleaning. (Note: lights and darks can be mixed)

While our colours wont run, please be careful what else you throw in the wash with your underwear as the fabric will absorb any colours which have run in the wash.

It is important NOT to wash or tumble dry your underwear on a warm or hot temperature setting as the heat causes the elasticity of the fabric and the waistband to deteriorate leading to the underwear sagging and losing its shape.